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Planning Guide

Planning Your Lighting

At the Kentucky Lighting Wiseway Design Showroom, we encourage you to plan early to make the lighting portion of your new project a success. Our lighting consultants are available by appointment to guide you through the process. Following are a series of steps and questions to consider to help you achieve the perfect lighting solutions for your project.

Step I: Meet with consultant. Bring relevant information to the first meeting

  1. Architectural drawings and plans
  2. Kitchen plan and furniture layout
  3. Finishes and surface types
  4. Artwork or precious objects to be illuminated
  5. Lighting likes and dislikes
  6. Special needs, visual concerns and impairments

Step II: Discuss job parameters

  1. Scope of project and discussion of project’s needs
  2. Review of services provided by consultant
  3. Lighting budget and project time frame
  4. Identify all team members — architect, interior designer, builder, electrical contractor to allow for coordination and integration of all team members

Step III: Design consultation

  1. Review light sources and fixture types
  2. Review design options and develop conceptual design
  3. Get recommendations for product types and placement
  4. Fixture selection
  5. Budget quote

Frequently asked questions to consider when planning your lighting project

Schedule a consultation with one of our Showroom Specialists for the answers to these questions and more …

  1. What is the difference between various types of recessed lights? Why do the prices vary so much and why should I spend more on one type than another?
  2. When and why should I use low-voltage or line-voltage lighting?
  3. What are the advantages of using the different types of lighting, such as cable, rail, track, recessed, indirect and cove?
  4. Why is the lighting so important in kitchens and bathrooms?
  5. How can I avoid glare when I design my lighting?
  6. How do I light my artwork effectively?
  7. How much should a lighting project cost me?
  8. What kind of scenes and moods do I want lighting to create in the important rooms in my home?
  9. How can I save energy when I design lighting in my home?
  10. What is the best light to read by?
  11. How do I light my home office and computer station?
  12. How can outdoor and landscape lighting enhance my project?

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